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Research Informatics Core (RIC)

The Research Informatics Core (RIC) was established in March 2010 with funding from the Health Center Research Advisory Council (HCRAC) to provide the research community with the resources (hardware, software, people) necessary to meet their needs. The Core recognizes that each researcher has specific and unique needs, requiring customized solutions that cannot be provided by a "one-size-fits-all" approach. The Core is therefore committed to providing innovative solutions that not only meet, but also exceed the expectations of our customers and delivering them with first-class customer care (view our brochure).
Advisory Group

An advisory group has been created to provide guidance and prioritization of requests made to the Core. Group members include:

  • K. Abu-Hasaballah, Assistant Vice President for Research Informatics, Information Technology
  • D. Adams, Assistant Professor, Orthopaedic Surgery
  • D. Carroll, Director, Office of Research & Sponsored Programs
  • J. Grady, Professor, Department of Community Medicine and Director of the Biostatistics Center
  • M. Maciejewski, Assistant Professor, Molecular, Microbial, & Structural Biology
  • R. Mains, Professor and Chair, Department of Neuroscience
  • I. Moraru, Associate Professor, Center for Cell Analysis & Modeling
  • H. Potts, Systems Coordinator, General Clinical Research Center

The Core is directed by Dr. K. Abu-Hasaballah and staffed by an infrastructure architect, a technical analyst, a FileMaker Pro programmer for creating research management and business applications, data entry personnel, and a research associate providing data management and website creation. We are currently working on an affordable charge-back model to allow our staff to serve as many of our researchers as possible. For more information on our services and rates, please contact the Core director. Below is a biographical narrative of our staff and their expertise.

Photo of Sophan IvSophan Iv
Infrastructure Architect
Office of the CIO
Phone: 860-679-8989
Fax: 860-679-4494

Mr. Iv has a versatile skill set and expertise in information technology, including: infrastructure (hardware and software configuration and support); computer networking and security technologies; server setup and administration; open source platforms; and troubleshooting and technical problem resolution. He maintains a number of servers hosting research applications and works directly with researchers and central information technology staff to troubleshoot and resolve technical difficulties.

Photo of Terry WrightTerry Wright
Technical Analyst III
Office of the CIO
Phone: 860-679-3368
Fax: 860-679-4494

Mr. Wright has provided the UConn Health Center with many years of experience in several capacities, notably in the deployment and administration of large-scale computer networks. His current responsibilities include: designing and implementing the Bioscience CT Network, engineering and leveraging new technologies to facilitate seamless collaboration between the Health Center and Storrs researchers, and administering general technical support to the Health Center's research community in support of their information technology needs.

Photo of Ken Bourell, M.S.Kenneth Bourell, M.S.
Research Associate II
Office of the CIO
Department of Immunology
Phone: 860-679-8482
Fax: 860-679-4494

Mr. Bourell works jointly in the Core and the Department of Immunology. In the Core, he has designed a number of websites and is responsible for the data management and upkeep of a number of research applications. He's available to assist you designing your next cool website!

Photo of Phillip AbramPhillip Abram
Application Developer
Office of the CIO
Phone: 860-679-4465
Fax: 860-679-4494

Mr. Abram provides consultative and programming services in the FileMaker Pro platform.