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MicroCT Imaging Facility

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The UConn Health Center MicroCT Imaging Facility provides core services of three-dimensional imaging and quantitation of tissue structure using high-resolution X-ray computed microtomography (microCT). Resolution of structural features below 10 mm allows for accurate and precise evaluation of trabecular and cortical bone architecture, density, and porosity of bones from mice, including femora, tibiae, vertebrae, humeri, ulnae, calvaria, mandibles, teeth, and ectopic bone formation. Data obtained from microCT analyses are helpful toward identifying and quantitating definitive phenotypes in transgenic and knockout mouse models, as well as the skeletal effects of hormonal deficiency (e.g., ovariectomy) and pharmaceutical agents. Hydroxyapatite-phantom calibrated measurements of true volumetric density (mg/cm3) provide accurate measurements of mineralization shifts in these animal models, complementing rapid imaging modalities afforded by micro-DXA (Piximus) and radiography (Faxitron), which are also available.


Excised Specimens: Scanco µCT40
More Information: µCT 40 - Scanco Medical
  • Field of view 10-40 mm diameter x 70 mm length
  • Spatial Resolution: 6 µm to 40 µm
  • Quantitative analysis of bone architecture
  • Rodent bone morphometry, fracture repair, tissue engineering constructs
  • Dental implant constructs, bone-implant contact
  • Contrast-enhanced imaging of tumors and vasculature
  • High-contrast imaging of heavy metal-stained organs, embryos, marrow adipocytes
Live Animals: Scanco VivaCT40
More Information: VivaCT40 - Scanco Medical
  • Mice and rats
  • Field of view 20-40 mm diameter x 140 mm length
  • Spatial Resolution: 10 µm to 40 µm
  • Longitudinal quantitation of bone morphometry
  • Contrast-enhanced imaging of vasculature, tumors, etc.

Also available within the Orthopaedic Imaging Facility (B7005):

Digital X-ray: Faxitron LX-60
More Information: LX-60 - Faxitron X-ray Corporation
  • Mice, rats, rabbits
  • Broad range of magnification
  • Fully digital, capture and archival within seconds
Optical Imaging: IVIS Spectrum
More Information: IVIS Spectrum - Caliper LifeSciences
  • Mice and rats
  • Bioluminescent and fluorescent reporters
  • Trans- (bottom) and epi-illumination (top)
  • Ten full spectrum narrow-band excitation and emission filters
  • Analysis software: spectral unmixing to separate multiple reporters
  • Digital image capture and archival

Available Within Dr. Adams' Laboratory

Micromechanics and Testing Laboratory: Bose Electroforce
More Information: ElectroForce® 3200 Test Instruments
  • Bose Electroforce high-resolution, low force instrumentation
  • Multiple linear and torsion actuators, planar biaxial configuration
  • Resolution and control to 1 mm position, 10 mg force
  • Skeletal loading regimens in live mice (e.g., long bones, teeth)
  • Mechanical property measurement of tissues at small length scales
  • Novel test techniques for rodent bone specimens
  • Routine flexure testing of whole long bones
  • Soft connective tissue tests – skin, collagen fibers, cartilage, tendon, etc.
  • Strain gage monitoring of skeletal forces in live animals
Photo of Douglas Adams, Ph.D.Douglas Adams, Ph.D.
Director, MicroCT Facility, Orthopaedic Surgery (MARB 4050)
UConn Health Center
Farmington, CT 06030
Phone: 860-679-4976
Fax: 860-679-6649
Vilmaris Diaz-Doran
Orthopaedic Surgery (MARB N4067)
UConn Health Center
Farmington, CT 06030
Phone: 860-679-8711
Fax: 860-679-6649
Renata Rydzik
Orthopaedic Surgery (MARB 4081/4067)
UConn Health Center
Farmington, CT 06030
Phone: 860-679-8711
Fax: 860-679-6649